Loan & Financing

Housing Loan, Commercial Loan, Land Financing, Refinance:

Loan Calculation: Monthly Income x 70% - Total Monthly Commitment = Affordable Monthly Loan Amount

Housing Loan Interest:  BR + 1 to 3%          Tenure: 40 Years

Land Loan Interest: BLR + 1%                      Tenure: 15 Years

Commercial Loan Interest:  BLR - 2.2%        Tenure: 25 Years

Sales & Purchase Agreement/Tranfer/Financing
First RM150,0001% (minimum fees of RM300)
Next RM850,0000.7%
Next RM2,000,0000.6%
Next RM2,000,0000.5%
Next RM2,500,0000.4%
Excess RM7,500,000negotiable (not exceeding 0.4%)


MAGIC CONSULTANCY was incorporated in 2001, is one of  Malaysia's TOP 1 reliable and reputable Business Financial Platform and Solutions Provider. 

Nowadays, MAGIC CONSULTANCY comprises a team of exceptional Chartered Accountants, Bankers Copy Writers, Company Secretaries, Financial and Business Advisors, Speculators, Investors, Government Advisor, Legal Consultants and Solicitors.

Services :

  • Corporate Financing Loan : Term Loan, Trade line: ( BA, BG, LC ) , properties loan & refinance, machine loan
  • Personal Financing Loan: Housing Loan
  • Managing, operating and controlling bank accounts for clients
  • Acting as local representative for foreign companies and local companies
  • Providing opportunities of  high return investment program : purchase and stimulate properties, mining, construction project
  • Formation of companies which fulfill the requirements of financing and pioneer status in Malaysia
  • Business Acquisition and Disposal
  • Lembagal Hasil Negotiator
  • Real Estate Negotiator